House of Yes Xmas Spectaular - Take Two!

I always enjoy attending shows that I've seen in dress rehearsal, the transformation from barely contained clusterf*ck to efficient entertainment delivery system always blows me away. So it was with the Xmas spectacular. While I sat in the front row, anxiously checking my phone awaiting news of my nephew's impending arrival (Hi, William! Can't wait to meet you!), I also managed, as is my way, to take about 300 pictures. I'm shutter happy, what can I say.

Caligula (Jelly Boy the Clown) roasts the serpent.

I recently upgraded my camera body from a Canon Xsi to a 7D, and simultaneously treated myself to a Sigma 30mm 1.4. The combination of the two is making me so happy, even if the learning curve with the new kit is very steep - looking up YouTube videos on how to select focal points kind of steep. In my defense I've not had that much time to play due to real world grad school restrictions, but I'm getting there.

T-Rex, born at the same time as Christ. Allegedly.

Dancing Reindeer.

Hitler's festive high kicks.

My sweetheart.

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