Survival of the Fittest - The Ladies

As promised, the ladies of the House of Yes February Variety Show.

Juantia and Francis were hysterical a WWE wrestlers, flying high above my head in a homoerotic spectacular.

Juanita and Francis     ©CBMarney

Juanita and Francis     ©CBMarney

Juanita      ©CBMarney

Anya performed under black light on a dream catcher designed by Flambeaux. The lighting was stunning but tricky to capture. Things got a little... blurry.

Anya Sapozhnikova      ©CBMarney

Anya Sapozhnikova      ©CBMarney

Jennifer is one of my favourite performers to photograph, she's just so stunning.

Jennifer Kovacs     ©CBMarney

Jennifer with Brian Ferree     ©CBMarney

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