The many faces of Chinso

Let me start this by saying that Chinso is a wonderful dog. Seriously. Everyone who meets him uses the same word to describe him - Adorable.

While his cuteness cannot be understated, his smarts are also very attractive ;) He is fully housebroken, knows and responds to his name, sits on command, and waits patiently for his food until we give the OK.

He loves going out for walks, greets his neighborhood doggy friends with enthusiastic tails wags,  and enjoys a good run at the dog park.

Chinso LOVES his people. He is very affectionate, playful, and a complete cuddle bug. I'm pretty sure there have been about five whole minutes since we started fostering him where he hasn't been sitting on my lap or sleeping at my side. He loves enthusiastically and with his whole doggy heart.

Chinso is available for adoption through Waggytail Rescue NYC.

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