A Walk in Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey is a National Trust maintained house, garden and park in Altrincham, not so far from my home town. We bundled the dog into the car and had a ride out to wander the grounds, famous for having a large herd of fallow deer.

My parents adopted Dillon just about a year ago not long after our beloved Connor passed away. Dillon used to be a guard dog and they've worked very hard to train him to be a pet, he's still a little jumpy around strangers and other dogs. Turns out he's not a big fan of deer or swans either.

Startled by a bark.

The deer were incredibly unafraid of both people and German Shepherds, grazing feet from the path and walking alongside us.

Goodbye, deer.

The swans were not so happy to see Dillon, making the strangest hissing sound when he got near.

Swan a-swimming

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