Out Back

Last winter, on a particularly snowy cold day, I noticed a little flash of red in the back garden - a downy woodpecker! I was EXCITED. What else was out there? So I bought a bird feeder, some suet, and dusted off my admittedly terrible zoom lens. Over the past year I've seen plenty of sparrows, watched robins and starlings nest and bring in their fledglings, and cardinals decapitate my sunflowers. There have been more woodpeckers, one rare sighting of a humming bird over the lilac, a catbird, a crowned sparrow, blue jays and some very tenacious squirrels.

My zoom lens was given to me as a gift, doesn't have internal stabilization, and the majority of the time I'm shooting through glass. I don't claim these are the best examples of nature photography, but it makes me happy to document what I see.