I've always thought of myself a big dog person having grown up with a Shetland Sheepdog then a collie-German Shepherd mix, and my parents currently having a GIANT German Shepherd. So believe me I was surprised when I so easily fell for our latest little foster, Penny.

During a Skype conversation with my Dad he asked me if she was a cat. The big dog thing, it runs in families. Penny was so very little (about 8lbs I'd guess) that often I'd wake up in the morning and not be able to find her in the living room because she'd curled up into a tiny little ball on the couch or in her crate.

There were a few things Penny loved more above all others. Cuddling next to or on you on the couch was just about her favorite thing.

Then came going on walks so she could bark at EVERYONE within a 100ft radius (oy vey!), and when at all possible dive face first into unmentionable stink piles in the grass. This lead to a lot of baths, and another favorite activity, post-bath towel drying induced insanity.

She would sprint laps around the room, up on the couch and back down then take that toy and kill it, KILL IT DEAD. Flinging it around the room, freezing to figure out where it went then galloping off to pounce on it again. She was a very silly, funny and loveable little monster.

Penny was adopted two weeks ago after spending a month with us. The actual adoption process and final day were a lot easier this time around, probably because I knew what it was going to be like and how after it was done, I'd be OK. Yes it's hard to let them go, but I know she's going to be loved and her new owner is going to help her overcome her barking issues.

I'm sure Penny and R. are going to have a lot of fun!